William Lane Craig beskriver läget i Europa:

European thought life is so deeply post-Christian, so secularized, that the gospel message cannot even be heard as an intellectual viable option by most university students. [...] To tell people to believe in Jesus Christ is like telling them to believe in leprechauns or faeries. [...] The United States still has a strong residue of Christian culture and values that makes evangelism easier in this country [USA]. And one of the purposes of apologetics that transcends your personal evangelistic contact is the broader cultural context in which we live. [...] Having robust Christian apologetics helps to shape our culture, so that we live in a cultural milieu in which the gospel can still be heard as an intellectual viable option.

(Källa: Apologetics, Reason, Faith and Philosophy del 3 och 5)

Jag önskar att fler kristna i Sverige och Europa insåg detta.